with a Holistic Experience

Bali is internationally revered as a powerful centre of healing energy, celebrated for its ancient healing therapies still practiced today. Known as the world’s leading destination for spiritual retreats, its world-class spas, holistic practitioners and deep healing roots provide an experience like no other. Our Bali villa rentals offer the finest accommodations combined with a life-changing journey through the ancient healing practices unique to Bali.


The Balinese live in two worlds equally: sekala, the seen or conscious world, and niskala, the unseen or psychic world. The key to a whole life is achieving balance in both worlds. To maintain this crucial balance, Bali has an ancient tradition of Usada, which is the Balinese traditional healing. Based on a range of holistic therapies using natural herbs and spices powered by ancient wisdom passed down through the generations, Usada cures both physical and mental illness, bringing balance to one’s life.


While the Balinese are closely related to the peoples of the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia and the Philippines, the culture has been strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese and particularly Hindu customs. The Balinese Hinduism has roots in Indian Hinduism as well as Buddhism and merged with the indigenous people’s spiritual beliefs, including the animistic traditions. The Balinese belief that gods and goddesses are present in all living things is directly attributed to the indigenous people and affects the way of life today in Bali. Every element of nature, from a tree to woven cloth, possesses its own power and is a potential home for spirits whose energy can be directed for good or evil.

Art and ritual permeates Balinese Hinduism. Among the forms of religious expression of the Balinese is ritualizing states of self-control. As a result, they have become famous for their graceful and dignified behavior.


When you book a luxury vacation in Bali with Bali Luxury Villas™, you will be immersed in this powerful way of living. Our renowned concierge service will provide you with the experiences you seek, whether you are interested in yoga, meditation or learning more of the ancient practices of Usada.